Oil Painting

Large tube titanium white

Cadmium yellow light

Yellow ochre

Burnt sienna

Viridian green

Sap green

Cadmium light red

Cadmium orange

Rose madder

Ultramarine blue

Cerulean blue

Dioxazine purple

Ivory black

Large paper palette

Paint rag

Detailed photo to work from

Liquid medium

Long handed, bristle, flat brushes

    (small, medium, large)

Long handed round brush

    (small for detail)

Gum turpentine or thinner

Covered jar for turpentine

Canvas or canvas board

SUPPLY LIST a suggested list, if you’re not sure what to bring.

We are available to curate an artist kit personalized for your specific needs.

We carry an array of art supplies by Sennelier, painting brushes and paper.


Drawing board


Photo to work from

Sennelier pastels



140 lb. paper or block

Small drawing board

Tubes or cakes of Sennelier watercolors

Photo to work from

Good, round brushes

    (small, medium, large)

Paint rag

Jar for water

Pencil Drawing

HB, 2B, 6B pencils

Sketch paper

Bristol vellum for finished work

Photo to work from

Kneaded eraser

Drawing board