Picture framing is an art in itself. Selecting the right frame, glass, mat and backing can enhance and maintain your artwork for years to come. The materials you choose are imperative to the overall design and preservation of your artwork. Combine our solid craftsmanship with your imagination and design for the ultimate Custom Art Framing creation. Check out some finished projects.

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photo by Kerry Hawkins


When mats were first used, they had two core functions. One was to provide an area for visual relief so the art could be viewed without the distraction of the nearby surroundings. Secondly, the depth of the mat served as a spacer to keep the glass from touching the face of the art.

In the past few decades mats have taken on a more decorative role. Since mats are now available in many colors, patterns and textures, they are used to match colors in the art and to coordinate with the room decor.

Mat borders are also an important consideration. It is best to avoid having mat borders the same width as the frame surrounding them. Generally it will look best if the mat is somewhat wider than the frame. Too narrow a border can bring down the perceived value of the art and it tends to look crowded in the frame.

COLORS:: dark vs light

Below shows the same print matted with three different colors. None of the choices are wrong, they are just different. Dark mats tend to allow the light in the art to pop while a light mat usually intensifies the darker colors. A mid tone mat keeps both the light and dark details in the art more equal.


Proper custom framing is most important when protecting and showcasing your artwork. Our expertise and success with pleasing our clients allows us the confidence to eliminate any risk when you use our service.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the design of your project, return it within 14 days and we’ll redesign it at equal or lesser value with no additional charges  (you only pay the difference if the new design is more expensive).